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Siding Products That Increase Your Curb Appeal

Common Chimney Issues To Watch For

by Kent George

A fireplace is an amenity that can bring a lot of enjoyment to your family. It can also act as a second source of heat. For some, it may even be their only source of heat. While there are so many great things about a fireplace, there are also things that you are going to want to be aware of that can happen. Catching problems with your chimney quickly can end up saving you from a lot of problems, with some of them possibly even being life-threatening! Here are some of the more common issues that can happen to chimneys that you want to be aware of, so you can stay on top of watching for these types of issues.

There can be a cracked chimney crown

The chimney crown is the top of your chimney and it can end up cracked. Instead of the crown, the top of your chimney may have a cap and the cap can also become cracked. In either case, this is something that you need to have repaired right away or water can get into the system and cause an array of other issues for you in the chimney that can spread to other areas including the walls and ceiling.   

There can be issues with the brick

Another common issue that homeowners can have happen with their chimney is problems with the brickwork. While the chimneys are built to be strong, they are still constantly exposed to the elements and the mortar can weaken and crumble, allowing water to seep inside and cause some big problems.

You can decrease the chances of problems by having mortar that is starting to show signs of damage removed and replaced with new. Staying on top of the condition of the bricks and mortar proactively can prevent the need to have a collapsed chimney completely replaced.

There can be an obstruction

You can end up with an obstruction in your chimney. A common type of obstruction that many homeowners find they have in their chimneys are bird nests. Also, leaves can end up blowing into the chimney and end up causing a blockage. Another cause can be an excessive amount of creosote that will collect along the sides; annual cleaning is important because it helps prevent all of these issues.

An obstruction can cause major problems because it can cause toxic fumes to gather in your home, which can be deadly. Any issues with your chimney should be repaired as soon as you spot them to minimize your problems. Talk to a chimney contractor for more information.