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Siding Products That Increase Your Curb Appeal

3 Implements Commercial Roofers Install On Flat Roofs To Protect The Materials

by Kent George

A flat roof is what you will find on the top of a lot of commercial buildings. Even though flat roofs often get a bad reputation, they can be a logical and functional implement. These roofing systems only require a little extra work to be good to go for many years of weathering. When you work with a commercial roofer to replace your flat roofing system, the roofer may also recommend other implement installations as well. Here is a look at some of the implements commercial roofers often install on flat roofs to protect them from the elements. 

Automatic sweeper systems may be installed. 

Automatic sweepers are probably one of the more modern advancements in flat roofing design. These sweepers have elongated limbs with bristles that will turn on occasionally to sweep the flat roof off. If your business's building is situated under a lot of trees or there are a lot of wind-blown leaves in the area, these automatic sweepers do a good job of protecting your roof. Leaves collect water, and if they are piled up, they can create a lot of moisture-laden material in one spot. This can be really hard on your roof over time. 

A sump pump may be installed in low-lying areas. 

As a commercial business owner, you may assume that the only place a sump pump can be installed is in a basement, but these pumps can actually be beneficial on a rooftop as well. Some flat roofs develop slightly pitted areas over time. Unfortunately, water will naturally gravitate toward these areas and accumulate into puddles that can lead to leaks. A commercial roofer can actually install a sump pump up on the roof that will keep water pumped out of this area. 

A rubber coating may be installed to create a small mound. 

If the roof is so flat that water consistently stands on it and will not drain off, your commercial roofer may recommend that you allow them to install a special rubber compound that will add a slight bit of slope to the roof. The material can be added rather thick, so it is easy enough to create a mounded or sloped shape to encourage water to flow in a certain direction. This one addition can add years of protection for your commercial flat roof, especially if you live in an area that has a lot of rain. 

Speak with a commercial roofing professional to learn more.