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Siding Products That Increase Your Curb Appeal

The old siding on my home had finally reached the end of its lifespan. This meant it was time to re-side my home. After doing some research, I knew what features I wanted for my new siding. One of the features that was most important to me was the appearance of the siding and how it would increase the curb appeal of my home. Siding wraps around your entire home and can make it look old and dated, or new and modern. With this website, I hope to discuss different siding products and discuss what sort of appeal and look it can bring to your home. This can help you select the siding type that will impact the overall appearance of your home for the better.


Siding Products That Increase Your Curb Appeal

Keys To A Successful Reclaimed Wood Flooring Project

by Kent George

Reclaimed wood is useful for a huge number of purposes, ranging from very small carpentry projects to massive renovations. There many advantages to using reclaimed wood, not the least of which being the environmental impact of recycling an existing wood product. Reclaimed wood can also bring unmatched character and charm to a space, especially when using high-quality, hand-selected pieces.

For these reasons and more, reclaimed wood has become a popular choice for many flooring projects. Whether you are renovating an existing space or installing flooring in a new construction, reclaimed wood is a great way to create a look that is both traditional and unique. If you are considering using reclaimed wood from a company such as Old World Lumber Company in your next flooring project, keep these important tips in mind to make sure your project is as successful as possible.

A Good Supplier is Important

Reliable suppliers are important when dealing with lumber of any kind, but they may be the single most important factor when working with reclaimed wood. Unlike with other types of lumber, there is an artistry to the selection of reclaimed wood pieces. Your supplier will be sourcing their wood from a variety of structures and then selecting the pieces that best fit their requirements for strength, durability, and appearance. A good supplier will keep only the best pieces on hand, so you can be sure that everything you receive will be up to your standards.

Additionally, reclaimed wood can potentially suffer from a number of problems that are less common with new material. These issues include rot and pest infestation. When purchasing from reliable suppliers, you should never need to worry about receiving a bad load of lumber. If possible, choose a supplier that's local enough for you to inspect their stock in person.

Buy More Than You Need

While a large part of the charm of reclaimed flooring is its uniqueness, this same uniqueness also means that it can be difficult to match your existing wood if you are forced to buy more later. When purchasing reclaimed wood for your flooring project, be sure to purchase enough up-front to cover the entire space that you will be flooring as well an additional 20% to deal with waste. The extra flooring that you buy will ensure that you have enough material to finish your project even if some boards are defective.

Sanding Doesn't Have to Be Difficult

Many people believe that sanding reclaimed hard wood flooring is a particularly difficult process, but it generally does not require any special techniques or more effort than sanding any other floor. How much time and trouble it will take to sand and finish your particular floor will depend entirely on the wood that you use as well as your expectations for the final finish.