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Siding Products That Increase Your Curb Appeal

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Siding Products That Increase Your Curb Appeal

Are Your Pets Destroying Your Carpet? Install Hardwood Flooring Instead

by Kent George

Carpets are popular because they provide good insulation and a soft surface for feet. However, people with pets often find their occasionally messy best buddies can quickly destroy their carpets. That's why it is wise to understand the benefits of hardwood flooring for people with pets and how pets can be taught to avoid damaging these areas.

Why People With Pets Love Hardwood Flooring

People with pets often love hardwood flooring because it provides them with many benefits they can't get with other types. These include:

  1. Easier-to-Clean Surface – Getting your pet's waste and hair off a hardwood floor requires a simple mop, rather than a deep cleaning.
  2. Uniform Installation – The simple installation method of hardwood flooring makes it easier for people to put it down without disturbing their pets.
  3. Very Strong – Even if your pet's waste doesn't get noticed for a few hours, hardwood floors are strong enough to withstand them.
  4. Better Air Quality – Carpet sucks up animal hair, their skin, and their waste. This often creates terrible air quality and makes it hard to breathe in your home. Hardwood floors prevent this problem because they don't trap these materials and be cleaned more easily.

Choosing Flooring That Suits Your Needs

There are several considerations to make when buying hardwood flooring for a home with pets. For example, you should probably get finished flooring to protect against minor cosmetic issues, such as scratches from your pet's nails. However, you may also want an unfinished one that is a little easier for your pets to walk on without slipping.

There are also several species to consider. It is probably best to go with a mid-range option, such as cherry flooring, if you have pets. That's because higher-quality flooring is also more likely to suffer from severe damage from your little furry friends. Thankfully, you can avoid costly maintenance and repairs by teaching your pets to avoid damaging your hardwood floor.

Training Your Pets To Prevent Damage

While any of the hardwood flooring materials mentioned above will make your floors more pet-friendly, it is also important to consider maintenance needs. Hardwood floors are strong and will resist many types of pet damage. However, they can also suffer from damage caused by vomiting, excessive hair, and even scratches by pet nails.

As a result, it is important to keep your pet as well maintained as your floor. For example, you should brush them regularly and keep their coat short to avoid excessive hair and dust. You should also train them to vomit or go to the bathroom in an emergency in a specific area away from your hardwood floors. In this way, you can avoid having to clean, stain, and repair your floors.

So if you found that your pets just destroyed your carpets and you want a flooring that will be more effectively, try out hardwood flooring. While it might cost a bit more initially to install, it can save you a lot of money on maintenance and replacement needs. Reach out to companies like Alpine Wood Flooring Inc. for more information.