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Siding Products That Increase Your Curb Appeal

The old siding on my home had finally reached the end of its lifespan. This meant it was time to re-side my home. After doing some research, I knew what features I wanted for my new siding. One of the features that was most important to me was the appearance of the siding and how it would increase the curb appeal of my home. Siding wraps around your entire home and can make it look old and dated, or new and modern. With this website, I hope to discuss different siding products and discuss what sort of appeal and look it can bring to your home. This can help you select the siding type that will impact the overall appearance of your home for the better.


Siding Products That Increase Your Curb Appeal

Insulate A Vinyl-Framed Bay Window In Your Living Room

by Kent George

If the large bay window in your living room has a vinyl casing that is not properly insulated, you likely experience hot air entering your home during the summer and frigid air blowing through the edges of the casing during the winter. Remove the casing and apply foam insulation around the window by completing the steps below:

Materials Needed:

  • waterproof drop cloths
  • power drill
  • metal pry bar
  • lint-free cloths
  • bucket of warm, soapy water
  • pair of disposable gloves
  • cloth mask
  • can of foam insulation
  • putty knife

Remove The Casing And Clean Around The Pane

Use waterproof drop cloths to cover the portion of the living room's floor that is directly underneath the bay window. If the hardware is secured to the vinyl casing, use a power drill to remove the hardware pieces before inserting the tip of a metal pry bar underneath the edges of the vinyl pieces to loosen them from the wall. Gently pull the vinyl pieces toward your body to remove them.

Move the casing pieces aside so that you can insulate around the window without the vinyl getting in your way. Dampen a lint-free cloth with warm, soapy water. Move the cloth around the portion of the wall where the casing was previously installed to remove dirty substances. Dry the wall with a different cloth. 

Add Insulation And Replace The Casing

Protect your hands from being exposed to foam insulation by putting on a pair of disposable gloves. Place a cloth mask over your nose and mouth. After opening a can of foam insulation, point the can's nozzle at one corner of the window. After squeezing the insulation can's trigger, move the can slowly around the window until insulation has been evenly applied. After a minute or two, the insulation will expand.

Wait For Insulation To Harden And Install Vinyl Pieces

If too much insulation is added around the window, move a putty knife across the spots where too much insulation is present to eliminate the excess insulation. If you have never applied insulation in the past, read the back of the insulation can to acquire information pertaining to the amount of time that the product will require to harden. After plenty of time has elapsed, line up the vinyl casing pieces over the insulation. Press the pieces firmly against the wall. Insert hardware through the holes in the vinyl pieces. Use a power drill to tighten hardware. 

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