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Siding Products That Increase Your Curb Appeal

How To Investigate And Attend To Windows That Are Stuck

by Kent George

If you have old wooden windows installed in your home, then you may decide to have them replaced with more energy efficient vinyl options. While this can help to reduce your heating and cooling bills, it may be more cost effective and budget friendly to replace some of your windows at one time. If your wooden windows are giving you trouble and will not open, there are some easy thing you can do to make them function a bit better until you invest in replacement. Keep reading to learn about a few things you should do.

Investigate And Adjust Sashes

Some wooden windows will warp over time due to age. This is often a sign of water damage and the effect of swollen wood as it absorbs and displaces water. In this situation, several steps must be taken to both repair and open the window. The sash will need to be removed and adjusted. You can remove either one or both sashes by first releasing the stop molding. Remove the parting strips from around the frames and then pull out the sash. Inspect the sash at this time for signs of water damage that include stains, soft wood, and expanded sections of the sash. Sometimes you will see splinters in the wood or areas where the sash has broken chunks missing from it.

While extensive water damage may indicate that you need new windows soon, this is not always the case. If the damage is around the edge of the sash, then you can make some repairs. You will need to first identify where water is leaking into your home. Typically, the leak will be noted outdoors where flashing is placed just underneath the siding to seal the window. You can gently pull the siding away from the window to look for water damage issues. Keep in mind that you will need to use a vinyl siding zip tool to unhook the pieces of siding if you have vinyl pieces installed on your home. 

Once the siding is released, look at the flashing. If flashing is missing, then you should replace it. This is also true if the flashing is not layered properly so it sits underneath the house wrapping material. This type of layering technique is wise so that water will flow over the wrap and the flashing instead of underneath it. Once the flashing is layered properly to prevent new leaks, use sandpaper or an electric sander to smooth out the edges of the sash so the window can close more smoothly. 

Cut The Painted Seams

Sometimes windows simply will not open due to a painted seam. Basically, the windows are painted closed and cannot open. If you have not opened a window in some time, then look to see if there is accumulated and dried paint in the seams around the window sash. If so, you can use a special tool called a window opener saw. This small tool with a triangular shaped head is meant to release the paint in the sash seam. Place the tip of the tool in each seam around the sash and move it to release the paint. 

You should keep in mind that the seam tool will release small chips of paint. If the window is an older one, some of the dried paint may contain lead. This is especially true if the home was built before the 1970s. 

While solid and intact lead paint can be left alone as long as it has not chipped, any type of scraping or scoring can cause lead paint particles to release into the air. This can be dangerous for children and adults. Speak with a lead paint specialist. If lead is present, then you will need to hire a window expert who specializes in lead abatement to remove the window. You should understand that specialty removal will cost more than a regular window replacement, so keep this in mind when figuring out your home improvement budget.