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Siding Products That Increase Your Curb Appeal

Ways To Inspect Your Automatic Garage Door For Possible Damage

by Kent George

Your garage door is either one of two types. It may use a roll-up mechanism where the garage door is attached to segmented tracks, sliding up and down when in operation. It could also be a swing-up mechanism that moves a solid door using spring leverage to lift it. No matter what mechanism you have, it needs to be periodically inspected for possible damage. Everyday use can cause wear and tear, which requires maintenance. Between these two mechanisms, you'll find that a roll-up mechanism will need more maintenance over time because the door is much more complex. Here are some things to look out for when inspecting both doors.

Inspecting a Roll-Up Mechanism

Begin by looking at the garage door's tracks. For roll-up mechanism doors, tracks that are bent or not correctly attached can cause problems. Take a close look at how the track-mounting brackets have been attached to the wall, and make sure that none of the bolts are missing or loose. If a bracket is missing, know that more can follow, as weight will not be evenly distributed across all brackets.

You should also clean the tracks, since debris is known to cause misalignment and be responsible for sticking during operation. When checking tracks for straightness, use a bubble level to check that the tracks aren't bent.

Inspecting a Swing-Up Mechanism

The main part of a swing-up mechanism to be concerned about is the torsion spring. The spring is mounted to the rear of the door's frame. You'll want to check to see if the spring is mounted properly to the door. Start with the spring's mounting plate, and verify that none of the pieces are missing. For wooden garage doors, verify that none of the door underneath the mounting plate is starting to rot.

When To Contact A Professional

Keep in mind that torsion springs are very powerful. If you do need to make repairs to the torsion spring, you are better off having a professional handle it for you. There is a chance that something could slip during the replacement process and cause you to become injured by the spring snapping back quickly.

When you notice other problems, like the door being loose or unbalanced, you have the choice of repairing it yourself or calling for professional help. While you may be tempted to do the work on your own, know that a professional will be able to repair the problem correctly and efficiently. If you need replacement parts, they'll be able to get the exact parts you need to make your garage door work. For more information on garage doors, check out websites like http://shankdoor.com.