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Siding Products That Increase Your Curb Appeal

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Siding Products That Increase Your Curb Appeal

3 Reasons to Switch to CD Stud Welding

by Kent George

When it comes to constructing products using metal, welding can be a valuable technique in helping you complete the manufacturing process. There are several different types of welding processes available for use, but capacitative discharge (commonly abbreviated to CD stud welding) can offer you many benefits that other welding processes cannot.

Here are three reasons why you might want to consider converting your welding jobs over to CD stud processes in the future.

1. CD stud welding produces a cleaner weld.

In order to weld two metal components together, you must apply a tremendous amount of heat. The longer the metal components are subjected to high temperatures, the greater the risk of distortion, discoloration, or burning. If you need your finished product to remain aesthetically pleasing, then engaging in CD stud welding is your best option.

This welding process can be completed much faster than traditional welding processes, allowing you to reduce the amount of time your metal is subjected to extreme heat. The resulting welds are cleaner and more attractive, preventing the need for costly and time-consuming finishing processes (like polishing or buffing).

2. CD stud welding reduces production time.

Having the ability to reduce the amount of time it takes to complete each weld will allow you to reduce your overall production times, giving yourself the ability to produce a greater number of products in a short period of time.

A typical CD stud weld cycle can be completed in about 0.01 seconds. When you compare this with the 0.06 seconds required to complete a drawn arc stud weld, it's easy to see how making the switch to CD stud welding processes can significantly reduce your production time.

3. CD stud welding allows you to weld two different metals.

When you need to join two types of metal together, you can run into some obstacles. The properties of each metal (including melting temperature, hardness, and density) can differ. This makes it a challenge to join the metal pieces using traditional welding processes.

Since CD stud welding processes allow you to join two differing materials with only slight weld penetration, you can avoid many of the metallurgical problems that could hinder your production process.

If you rely on welding processes to join metal components to one another on a daily basis, you may want to consider converting to CD stud welding processes in the future. With CD stud welding you can produce clean welds, reduce production times, and easily join two differing metal components together.

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