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Siding Products That Increase Your Curb Appeal

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Siding Products That Increase Your Curb Appeal

3 Causes Of Roof Leaks And What To Do To Prevent Them

by Kent George

Roof leaks can be a frustrating problem that can lead to thousands of dollars in water damage repairs. This is why it is important to get the leaks on your roof repaired, as well as take the steps to prevent them. Doing regular maintenance and inspections of your roof can help to avoid roof leaks that can be costly to repair. Here are some of the common causes of roof leaks and some tips to help you prevent these problems.

1. Storm Damage That Has Gone Unnoticed And Unrepaired

Storm damage can be a major cause of your roofing headaches. Sometimes, the damage may be so obvious that you notice it immediately. Unfortunately, in many cases that problem can go unnoticed for extended periods of times. Things like hail damage that is hardly visible or missing shingles due to wind damage, can sometimes be hard to spot. When you notice there is a leaking problem, contact a roofing contractor to have them help inspect your roof for storm damage.

2. Worn Metal Flashing That Is In Need Of Replacement

Metal flashing is another problem that you may have with your roof. Though, metal flashing is often galvanized to prevent weathering and corrosion, it will eventually become worn. This can leave your roof exposed to problems where the flashing leaks. It is possible that metal flashing may need to be replaced before you need a complete roof replacement. This is especially the case for homes with trees that overshadow the roof. If your flashing is become worn and needs replacing, you can contact a professional roofing contractor to help you with this problem and prevent further damage to your home.

3. Checking The Gutters, Eaves And Boots Around Mechanicals

There are also other areas that can be vulnerable to wear, such as the eaves where gutters are located or the boots around mechanical systems. It is important to keep the gutters clean and free to avoid damage at the eaves of your roof. In addition, it may be a good idea to occasionally inspect boots around mechanical systems to ensure they are in good condition. You especially want to do this if you have metal boots on your roof, which can eventually be replaced with newer plastics and rubber materials that will not wear as quickly.

These are some of the causes of roof leaks and what you can do to prevent these problems on your roof. If you need help with repairs to your roof, contact a roofing contractor, like Economy Roofing, and talk with them about getting help with your leaks.