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Siding Products That Increase Your Curb Appeal

Gas Furnace Pilot Problems: Why A Tune-Up Is Needed

by Kent George

Are you tired of having to reignite the pilot of your gas furnace all of the time? When a pilot flame continuously goes out, it is a sign that an underlying problem is in need of an inspection by a heating contractor. In this article, discover a few reasons why a gas furnace might experience frequent problems with the pilot flame going out.

What Leads to the Pilot of a Gas Furnace Needing to Be Reignited?

There are a few parts on a gas furnace that must be fully functional for the pilot to remain ignited when the heater is on. One of the parts that can cause pilot problems is the gas valve, and it is actually the most important part because it is how gas is released for igniting a fire. The gas valve may only be releasing a small portion of gas, which is why the pilot flame is not strong enough to remain ignited for a long time. The other part of the furnace that can cause pilot problems is the burner, which is the part in which gas is released to so it can be combined with fire.  The parts may be dirty or rusty and need a tune-up by a heating contractor.

How Will a Gas Furnace Tune-Up Be Performed by a Heating Contractor?

When a heating contractor tunes up your gas furnace, he or she will take a look at the gas line to make sure it is in good shape. The gas valve will also be inspected to determine if it should be replaced or cleaned. A few of the other parts that might be cleaned during the tune-up includes the burner and orifice area of the pilot. You can also expect the contractor to clean the furnace filter, unless it is no longer in good shape and must be changed.

How Much Does a Heating Contractor Charge to Tune-Up a Gas Furnace?

The price that you are charged for a heating contractor to tune-up your gas furnace depends on the extent of work that is done. For instance, if the contractor determines that there parts like the gas valve or burner need to be replaced; it will affect the overall price. The estimated price for getting a gas furnace tuned up is $70 or more based on the complexity of the task. Invest in a tune-up for your gas furnace so you can find out why the pilot flame keeps going out and get the problem fixed!

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