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The old siding on my home had finally reached the end of its lifespan. This meant it was time to re-side my home. After doing some research, I knew what features I wanted for my new siding. One of the features that was most important to me was the appearance of the siding and how it would increase the curb appeal of my home. Siding wraps around your entire home and can make it look old and dated, or new and modern. With this website, I hope to discuss different siding products and discuss what sort of appeal and look it can bring to your home. This can help you select the siding type that will impact the overall appearance of your home for the better.


Siding Products That Increase Your Curb Appeal

3 Options For A Low-Yielding Water Well

by Kent George

Do you have a well on your property? Do you have periods where it doesn't provide enough water to meet your needs? That can certainly be a frustrating experience, especially if you have a commercial property and need the water for important production purposes. Wells can have low yields for a variety of reasons. The well could be clogged or dirty. There simply may not be enough rain to keep the well full. The aquifer beneath the well may not be efficient at capturing water. Whatever the reason, you do have options available. Here are three of the most effective solutions for a low-yielding well:

Install a tank. Your problem may be that rain is intermittent, so while there may be water available sometimes, it's not available on a consistent basis. A storage tank can solve that problem. During periods of heavy rain or high levels of water, the well will pump water into the tank, where it will be stored until you need it. When the tank is full, a float switch will redirect water to simply accumulate in the well. Water flows to your house from the tank and water is pumped into the tank as space becomes available.

This is helpful because you can store water in the tank much longer than you keep it in the well. This allows you to capture all of that excess water from heavy rains and keep it for a much longer period of time.

Redevelop the well. The problem may not be with a lack of rainfall, but rather with how efficiently your well and pump extract that water from the ground. This can happen for a number of reasons. The pump may be filled with bacteria, preventing it from pulling water from the ground. Well walls may have caved in, partially filling the well with dirt and preventing it from pumping water.

A well boring company can come out and inspect the well to identify the problem. They can pull out the pump, clean it, and blast the well with compressed air to remove bacteria. They can also repair caved-in walls and rebuild the well with more stability.

Move the well. Your well may just be in a bad spot. Maybe the water level is low in that area. Maybe there's rock surrounding the pump and the rock is blocking access to water. Either way, your best bet may be to move it. A boring company can come to your property and look for the best location for the well. For more information, contact Coonse Well Drilling & Pump Co Inc. or a similar company.