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Siding Products That Increase Your Curb Appeal

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Siding Products That Increase Your Curb Appeal

Rain Gutters: How They Can Protect A Home Foundation & Roof

by Kent George

It is a good idea to keep your home foundation protected from water damage if you want your roof to be durable. You must make sure there are rain gutters and a good downspout connected to the roof that can gather rainwater and lead it away from the foundation. Discover how rain gutters can keep the foundation of your home safe, which will also keep the roof in good condition.

How Can Rain Gutters Keep a Home Foundation and Roof Safe?

The rain gutters will prevent rainwater from dripping down off the roof and soaking up the near your home. The water will simply flow towards a downspout that is attached to the rain gutter that routes water to an area where it can flow into the street or a drain. The reason you don't want rainwater soaking up the ground is because it can produce a large amount of pressure in the soil.

The force from the pressure of soil can push on the foundation and eventually cause a lot of cracks in it. The foundation can also become uneven, which will cause the walls to lean and crack. Once the walls are leaning, your roof will also become affected by the damage and could even cave in on you and your family. You will then need a new foundation, new walls and a costly new roof.

You can avoid damage to your home from a damaged foundation if you make sure your rain gutters are attached to the home properly and not rusty or full of debris. A roofing specialist like Classic Remodeling Corporation can inspect and repair the rain gutters for you. Debris can be removed by standing on a ladder and clearing the rain gutters with a trowel or other tool that can get the job done.

How Much Does it Cost to Install Rain Gutters if the Roof Doesn't Have Any?

The cost for installing rain gutters will depend on how many feet of material is needed for your roof and the type you want (steel, vinyl, copper). The labor fee charged by the roofer will vary so the cost will vary as well. The price can vary between $360 and $6,250.

By keeping good rain gutters on your roof, you will also protect your home from foundation damage. Hire a roofer to install or repair the rain gutters so you won't have to worry about roof damage due to water destroying the foundation!