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Siding Products That Increase Your Curb Appeal

4 Strategies To Encourage People Not To Flush Non-Biodegradable Materials

by Kent George

When you had the septic tank pumped, the technician talked with you about things that showed up in the tank that shouldn't be there. Items such as tampons, sanitary wipes and other less visible culprits can cause sewer backups, a need for early pumping and even system failure. Use some effective strategies that make it easier for everybody in the house to dispose of non-biodegradable waste materials in a more appropriate way.

Place a Wastebasket in Every Bathroom

People need somewhere to go with the things you don't want them to flush. Make sure there's a wastebasket readily available.

Put up Friendly Signs for Guests

You can get everybody who lives in the house on the same page, but providing guidance to your guests can be a problem. You don't want to lecture everybody that comes by to hang out, have dinner or stay overnight. Instead, put up friendly signs in the bathrooms that list items you don't want flushed down the toilet with a short explanation of how those things can cause sewer backups. 

The signs can have a touch of humor if you include some silly items in the list, such as socks and junk mail.

Restaurants and other businesses with septic systems commonly put this type of signage in restrooms, so your sign won't be entirely out of the ordinary.

Add Shower Drain Traps 

If you don't already have drain traps in the showers, buy as many of these cheap little strainers as you need and place them over the drains. That stops hair from going into the septic tank, where it accumulates and can eventually clog the system. Coach your home's residents to throw the hair from the trap into the wastebasket and not flush it down the toilet. 

Place Small Paper Bags in the Bathrooms

Some individuals may prefer to flush certain items in order to be discreet. Making small paper bags available can encourage them to use the wastebasket since they can hide private materials such as tampons, sanitary wipes and condoms. 

If you know some of your home's residents or guests will be embarrassed to throw these things in an open wastebasket—even if the object is inside a bag—use a wastebasket with a foot pedal and a lid that opens and closes instead. 

Concluding Thoughts

By making it easy for everyone to dispose of non-biodegradable waste properly, you'll minimize problems with your septic system. Occasionally a guest might flush a tampon or a paper towel, but you'll have resolved the problem for the most part. That means you can go longer between septic tank pumpings from companies like Septic Services Inc and you can avoid major issues with the system.