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Siding Products That Increase Your Curb Appeal

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Siding Products That Increase Your Curb Appeal

Keeping Your Child Informed About Hurricane Preparedness

by Kent George

Now is the best time to talk to your child about storms and hurricane preparedness, no matter what time of the year it is. When an evacuation is ordered, panic can easily and quickly set in. This can be confusing and scary for children of any age. There is a lot to do to prepare for a tropical storm or arrival of a hurricane. Letting your child in on what you are doing is informative and proactive parenting.

Here are some things that you can explain to them as you begin to get ready for the big storm:


One of the most important parts of getting ready for a big storm is packing up and putting away items. Even if you're not leaving your home and you're riding the storm out, items will still have to be brought in from outdoors and stored away until after the storm passes. This can be confusing for young minds because they may sense some uneasiness.

Explain that it is a safety procedure to ensure that all of the family's personal belongings stay intact and don't get blown away. Gearing up to leave to go out of town can also be unsettling. If you decide not to ride the storm out or an evacuation has been ordered, try to make the situation as stress-free as possible. Encourage your child to pack his favorite comforting things. Explain that it will be a mini-getaway and you'll be returning home soon.

Sealing Up Your Home

Keeping your home safe from the approaching storm is a high priority. One of the first things to do is to seal up windows, doors and weak areas that may be prone to wind and storm damage. Installing storm shutters is one way to add another layer of security over vulnerable areas of your home including your windows.

Here are some popular style types made from wood, steel and recyclable materials:

  • Bahama- Awning-type shutters that fit directly over the window
  • Roll Shutters- Safely roll up into their own mechanism and can be used year-round
  • Accordion- These shutters slide to the side and provide a protective barrier from wind and flying debris
  • Colonial-Traditional-style shutters that provide curb appeal year-round and close to function as a protective layer against a window

Custom shutters are an alternative to plywood reinforcement and can also reduce your insurance premiums throughout the year. Explain to your child that shutters help protect your home from the weather and unwanted guests.

Create A Safe Spot

You should have a pre-designated safe spot for the entire family to retreat to if you're riding out a small hurricane or tropical depression. Make sure your child knows about this space. Have your child personalize this space ahead of time with his favorite things including coloring books, stuffed animals and toys. Create an area with an emergency radio, disposable cell phone and a small food supply.

Storms can bring an uneasy feeling to both children and adults. Explaining the process along the way and keeping them informed is the best way to deal with the stress of the incoming weather. To learn more, contact a company like Active Hurricane & Security Protection with any questions or concerns you have.